International Center for Captive Insurance Education



How to register for ICCIE courses

There are four ways to register for ICCIE classes, depending on whether you are registering for 1) the complete ACI designation 2) the CCI certificate specialization  3) an ICCIE  block purchase of modular enrollments, or 4) for an individual course or webinar.

To register for the ACI Designation Program, please fill out and return this form (via mail, online, or fax). Once the application has been approved (ICCIE will contact you within five business days of the receipt of your application), you must submit payment for the first half of the program ($2,300) before you may register for any courses.

If you are registering for the ACI Designation Program, please click here

Attention ACI Students: To register for courses once you have been accepted into the ACI designation program and first half of your tuition has been paid, please contact the ICCIE Office via e-mail at [email protected] or phone 802-651-9050 (toll free 1-866-60-ICCIE). Please do not use the individual module enrollment form.

To register for the Certificate in Captive insurance (CCI), an ICCIE Block Purchase, or an individual module or webinar, please click here to get to the module enrollment form. It can be filled out online, complete with online credit card payment.

*Please note: a student’s space in a specific course cannot be saved until payment has been received by ICCIE.

For additional information about ICCIE’s payment/refund policies, click here.