International Center for Captive Insurance Education


ICCIE Payment and Registration Policies


All ICCIE applicants – both those registering for the designation program and those registering for individual classes only – must have a minimum level of exposure to the captive or risk management industries to ensure an optimum class experience for all students.  ICCIE reserves the right to decline a student’s admission due to a lack of such experience or the equivalent educational background.  Any potential students with questions about whether they might not qualify for the program may contact Executive Director Mitch Cantor directly at the ICCIE office.

Class Size

On-line classes will be limited in size to 35 students.  See the following section for information on reserving space in a course.

Reserving a Spot in a Course

After a registration form is submitted, ICCIE will admit or decline an application within five (5) business days and notify the applicant.  If a student is accepted, he will not be able to reserve a place in any course or teleconference until the applicable tuition is paid.

For a Modular student’s individual course or teleconference registration, the course fee must be paid in full before her spot can be reserved.

For a Designation student, once he has been accepted into the program, one half of the $4,600 tuition ($2,300) must be paid before he can register for courses.  Designation students must pay the second half of their complete tuition 12 months after the date of the initial payment or upon completion of three ICCIE core or elective courses, whichever comes first.

ICCIE will be able to present documentation to organizations that will be reimbursing students for tuition.  Contact the ICCIE Office at 802-651-9050 if you have any questions about course documentation.

Canceling a Registration/Refunds

A Designation student who withdraws from the program and has already paid the first half of the tuition ($2,300) will be refunded:

  1. A full refund, less administrative costs ($150), if no courses or teleconferences have been taken;
  2. A refund of $500 if the student has participated in one course;
  3. A refund of $1,875 if the student has participated in one teleconference;
  4. No refund if more than one course has already been taken.
  5. All refund requests must be made within 6 months of payment to ICCIE.

A Modular student who withdraws from a course for which she has already registered and paid will be refunded:

  1. A full refund, less administrative costs ($150), if the withdrawal is made more than two weeks prior to the start of the course;
  2. No refund, but the option to take the course, or any other course of equal or lesser value (within one year of payment date), provided the withdrawal is made 14 days or less prior to the start of the course.

All teleconference registration payments (non-ACI students and ACI graduates) are nonrefundable within seven days of the teleconference.

ICCIE Course Cancellation

ICCIE reserves the right to cancel or reschedule a course if the number of students enrolled in the class does not allow for adequate instruction in the format provided.  In such a case, all students enrolled in will be permitted to enroll in a rescheduled section of that course at no additional cost.

Administrative Fee for Non-Compliance with the Following:

  1. the requirement to pay the second installment of ICCIE's tuition within a year of the first payment or prior to enrolling in a fourth course (whichever comes first);
  2. the requirement to complete all of the designation requirements within a three-year window;
  3. the requirement to complete all of the continuing education requirements within a three-year renewal window;

THERE WILL BE NO ADMINISTRATIVE FEE REQUIRED if all of the above-mentioned guidelines are adhered to. It is only when the payment, program completion, or renewal window is missed that the administrative fee will be charged. The reinstatement fee has been observed since July 1, 2013.

Credit for an Already-Completed Course

Designation students who want to skip a course requirement may do so if they can provide documentation that they have sucessfully passed the exam for that course in the last FIVE years (if it's been more than five years, please see "Testing Out" of a Course below).  A credit of this type will not affect the amount of tuition to be paid.

“Testing Out” of a Course

Designation students who wish to take the final exam for a course (in order to fulfill the requirement of taking the course) may do so for a small fee ($125 for an ICCIE core course; see the AICPCU and IEA websites for their testing fees).  If the test is passed, the student will not be required to take the course to obtain the ACI designation.

Regardless of the outcome of the test, no refunds will be given after such a test has been taken.

ACI graduates do not have the option to “test out” of a course for continuing education (CE) credit.

“Testing Out” of the Program

Some individuals may be able to obtain the ACI designation because they have already taken some of the courses and wish to “test out” of the rest.  In such a case, the candidate must pass all the course tests (or show proof of having passed the test already), participate in three teleconferences, and complete a Work Project (see the description on the Designation Students website page).  Tuition for these students is $2,500, including testing and teleconference fees.

Maintaining the ACI Designation

To ensure that the ACI designation maintains a standard of excellence, graduates of the program will have on ongoing academic requirement.  In order to maintain the ACI designation, students who complete the curriculum must complete 12 hours of coursework and/or teleconferences within a three-year period following the initial completion of the designation program.  For the graduate to continue to use the designation the requirement will remain in effect for each ensuing three-year period. 4 of 12 credits, per renewal period, may be obtained through documented attendance at approved modules at captive conferences.

Time Limit on Courses Passed

Designation students can use toward their designation courses that have been completed in the past three (3) years.  Any courses passed more that three years previous may not be counted towards the ACI designation.