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Welcome to the home page for the International Center for Captive Insurance Education (ICCIE -- pronounced "I see"). Born in the summer of 2004, ICCIE is the first and only comprehensive captive insurance education program in North America. The courses offered through ICCIE are relevant to any domicile around the world, and a faculty of first-rate instructors – recognized for their expertise in various captive insurance specialties – means that a designation received from our institution will be recognized and respected around the world.

What it is and how it came to be:

Several years in the making, ICCIE was developed in response to a need expressed by captive insurance professionals for in-depth educational offerings, information on current topics, and a professional designation. Despite a strong pattern of expansion in captive insurance companies, research showed that there was a critical lack of education and training in the industry that, if not corrected, could affect its continued growth and professionalism. ICCIE's mission is to be the premier provider of captive insurance education and to offer the pre-eminent professional designation in captive insurance.

Where, when, and how the ICCIE courses are taught:

The core courses developed for ICCIE can be taken in traditional face-to-face mode or online via instructor-led asynchronous learning. Each course is offered in face-to-face format one or two times during the year (most likely just prior to or following a major conference, and in the same geographic location). The online versions of these courses are also offered one to three times per year (in staggered months), and include a start and end date, followed by a testing period. Each online course is instructor-led, but students can do the work for each week or two week section on their own time.

ICCIE’s designation students also take two electives from ICCIE, The Institutes and/or the Insurance Education Association (IEA). These electives will be taught via instructor-led scheduled online classes or via independent study (completely self-paced).

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Programs of study:

ICCIE offers students the opportunity to participate in its captive insurance education program as either designation candidates or individual class (modular) students.

Designation students complete ICCIE’s comprehensive captive insurance education program – including its own proprietary curriculum and testing — and earn the ACI professional designation that will be acknowledged as the standard in the industry.

Tuition for the ACI designation program is $4600, payable in two installments. The first installment is due upon acceptance into the program, the second - one year into the program or prior to the start of a fourth core or elective course, whichever comes first.

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Students enrolling in individual ICCIE core or elective courses pay the following tuition (includes materials and testing fees):

Core Courses:



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Who teaches ICCIE courses?

With the understanding that the success of ICCIE depends on stellar academic quality,  ICCIE recruited some of the most recognized names in captive insurance to serve as instructors.

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