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How is ICCIE pronounced?

 What does ACI stand for?

 What domicile(s) is this program applicable to?

 What do I need to do to earn my ACI?

 What are Core Courses?

 What are the Core courses?

 What are Elective courses?


What are the approved Elective courses?

 ICCIE Elective Courses

  • Accounting for Captives: Financial Reporting and Analysis
  • Accounting for Captives: Interpretation and Management Perspectives
  • Captive Board Governance
  • Captive Claims Management: Best Practices and Reinsurance
  • Employee Benefits and Captives
  • Healthcare Captives Overview
  • Investments and Captives
  • Regulation of Captives
  • Risk Retention Groups
  • Understanding the Intricacies of Cell Captives

External Elective Courses

  • AIAF 111 - Statutory Accounting for Property and Liability Insurers
  • ARM 54 - Risk Management Principles and Practices
  • ARM 55 - Risk Assessment and Treatment
  • ARM 56 - Risk Financing
  • ASHRM Barton Certificate in Healthcare Risk Management - Essentials
  • ASHRM Barton Certificate in Healthcare Risk Management - Applications
  • ASHRM Barton Certificate in Healthcare Risk Management - Advanced
  • AU 61 – Underwriting Commercial Property
    AU 62 – Underwriting Commercial Liability
  • CPCU 551 - Commercial Property Risk Management Insurance
    CPCU 552 - Commercial Liability Risk Management and Insurance
  • AINS 23 - Commercial Insurance

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How do I enroll in the program?


If you have any additional questions please contact the ICCIE office at 802-651-9050 or toll free 1-866-60-ICCIE or e-mail us at [email protected]