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The ICCIE curriculum is comprised of seven core courses – designed by our instructors and required for completion of the designation program – and electives, offered through ICCIE, The Institutes and IEA, two of which must be successfully completed by designation students.

Both the ICCIE core courses and the electives have hour allotments assigned to them. These represent the estimated number of total hours (both class hours and homework hours) each student is anticipated to spend on each course.


The Core Courses

The following are the ICCIE core courses with links to their descriptions:

All of the above courses are taught in an online format. The online classes are scheduled courses with beginning and end dates, are faculty-led and offer students great flexibility in accessing courses without travel requirements. Although online courses have weekly assignments, students have flexibility to complete readings and assignments over the course of the week. Through online discussion boards, students also benefit from interaction with other students as well as the instructor.

To access the schedule of when and how each course is taught, click here.

The Electives

The electives are available through the following delivery formats: online (O) or independent study (IS).

online: see description above.

Independent study (IS): Students study on their own through course reading assignments, workbooks and supplementary materials (CD-roms, etc.). This model works best for students who can study well without guidance or support.

TeleLearning(Tel): This is an optional feature that may be combined with independent study courses. Offered through the Insurance Education Association (IEA), TeleLearning provides the benefit of the flexibility of independent study but adds a weekly teleconference with a course leader who responds to student questions. This delivery model provides more structure to standard independent study. It requires participation in 45-minute telephone conference calls scheduled each week.

The following are the elective courses with links to topics covered in each one:

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