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April 21, 2010



The first quarter of 2010 was a terrific start to the year for the International Center for Captive Insurance Education (ICCIE).  Highlights include the receipt of the CICA Distinguished Service Award, the launching of ICCIE's sixth elective course - "Investments and Captives" - and a great start to enrollment for the year, with March as the biggest month of single-course enrollments in ICCIE's history.


The CICA Distinguished Service Award


At this year's Captive Insurance Companies Association (CICA) annual conference in Orlando last month, CICA gave its biggest annual award to ICCIE, in recognition of the institution's significant contributions to the growth and success of the captive industry.  "No organization has done more for education in the captive industry and created a core group of qualified professionals than ICCIE," wrote CICA President Dennis Harwick in a press release announcing the award.  ICCIE is the first organization to receive the CICA Distinguished Service Award, which has been awarded in previous years to prominent individuals such as Hugh Rosenbaum, Len Crouse, Tom Jones, and Kate Westover.


"This award is tremendous recognition for the dozens of industry leaders who devote their time to teaching ICCIE courses, or serving on our Board, or contributing to the vision of the organization through our working committees," says ICCIE Executive Director Mitch Cantor.  "It's a great honor to be part of an industry that so values a highly-educated workforce," he adds.


Harwick presented the award to members of the ICCIE faculty, Board, and Cantor during the conference's opening general session.  Below, Cantor accepts the award from Harwick on behalf of ICCIE as members of the ICCIE Board and faculty join them onstage.


ICCIE Board & Faculty at CICA

ICCIE Faculty & Board at CICA

Mitch Cantor speaking at CICA

Mitch Cantor receiving CICA award


ICCIE Launches New Elective: "Investments and Captives"


During the last quarter ICCIE launched its sixth elective course (its eleventh course overall) -   "Investments and Captives" - led by industry veterans Al Heeg and William Dalziel, based in Northern California and London, respectively.  The course describes the markets, asset classes, review regulation, and audit issues and discusses portfolio construction and governance. Participants gain a solid understanding of investment considerations for captive owners, as well as how portfolios are set up and operated to support the captive business objectives and to enhance the captive's financial stability.  See the ICCIE website (www.iccie.org) for details on the course.  This course was developed with the assistance of a Next Generation (Act 46) Grant from the Vermont Department of Labor.  In addition, ICCIE will be developing two more courses for 2010.


William Dalziel Headshot

William Dalziel

  Albert Heeg


First Western Regional Captive Insurance Conference features ICCIE Luncheon 


The first annual Western Regional Captive Insurance Conference (WRCIC) at the Phoenix Biltmore earlier this month featured an ICCIE Luncheon, complete with a balloon pop fundraiser.

Sponsored by Pro Group Captive Management Services, the afternoon event was an unmitigated success - excellent visibility for the organization, and all of the donation balloons sold out quickly. 






Thanks to Pro Group, WRCIC, and all who participated.


Below, ICCIE Executive Director addresses the WRCIC ICCIE luncheon; and

Mitch Cantor at WRCIC luncheon












below, ICCIE Board member Mike Mead pops a balloon and collects a prize.

Mike Mead Popping Balloon @ WRCIC


ICCIE Welcomes New and Returning Instructors

ICCIE is delighted to welcome a new instructor to currently-existing courses, and to announce the return of two of the program's founding instructors.

New to the ICCIE faculty are Munich Re's Carol Pierce, who is teaching half of our "Protecting the Captive" course.  Returning to ICCIE after a short break are Kate Westover who designed our course "Understanding Risk and Risk Retention Mechanisms," and  Kevin Moriarty who co-designed our "Introduction to Alternative Risk Financing Mechanisms."  Moriarty will be moving over to ICCIE's "Business Ethics" course.  ICCIE and its students are most fortunate to have these three contributing to the course instruction.  Welcome to all!


  Carol Pierce Headshot    Kate Westover Headshot    

     Carol Pierce                           Kate Westover                      Kevin Moriarty

A New ICCIE Record: 17 ACI Recipients in 1Q 2010


Strong enrollment continued in the first quarter of 2010, featuring the biggest quarter for ICCIE ever for "modular" (individual course) enrollments.  In addition, the quarter saw a record number of ACI students completing the program.  Receiving the ACI designation in the first quarter of 2010 were:


    • Karen Almond, CIT Financial LTD
    • Cory Brown, Total Captive Solutions, LLC
    • Jim Bulkowski, Ernst & Young
    • Karen Campbell, HSBC Insurance Management Limited
    • Allison Clark
    • Jean Jacques Debrot, Ahold Insurance
    • Ronnie Dennis, Merrill Lynch
    • Carla Fiske, Wilmington Trust
    • David Gibbons, PriceWaterhouseCoopers
    • Mary Guararra, Catholic Health Services of Long Island
    • Bassem Halassa, Insurance Commission of Jordan
    • Michael Hardy, Barnes and Thornburg
    • Rachel Moir, CNA Insurance
    • Christina Pang, CNA HealthPro
    • Jeffrey Post, Avant Captive Managers
    • Mindy Riddle, Wilmington Trust
    • John Tinsley, INS Regulartory Insurance Services, Inc
    • Mary Ellen Moriarty, EIIA
    • Georgina Clark, Artex Risk Solution
    • Paul Weber, Ophthalmic Mutual Insurance Company, A Risk Retention Group
    • Lisa Poulin, Milliman, Inc
    • Syed Hadi, Aon Insurance Managers
    • Ray Cardinalli, Fujitsu America, Inc 

For additional information on these or another matters contact ICCIE Executive Director Mitch Cantor at 802.651.9051 or [email protected].